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Welcome to mikemason.net, your primary resource for all things Mike Mason. Look no further for glimpses into his globetrotting lifestyle, jewel-like excerpts of his journalism and web development work, even a way to address messages to the Man Himself.

Those of you interested in Mike's professional background will doubtless be gratified to find portfolio content here. In the Online section are descriptions and screen shots of web sites he's produced. In the Magazine area, we've archived articles and reports written for The New York Times (okay, it's not just magazine content), National Geographic, Health, Newsweek, People, and a variety of other publications. The Resumé, obviously, summarizes his Hydra-headed career.

The Play section is an online scrapbook of sorts, mostly personal photography intended for friends and family. Questions? Comments? Use the Contact page.

In the unlikely event of a water landing, the staff of mikemason.net are authorized to shriek and seize the life rafts for themselves. Visitors are urged to wear inflatable clothing whenever trolling the site.

Our newly restored '53 Chevy rumbles to San Luis Obispo...with a few unscheduled stops along the way. More...

A sampling of web sites produced for Health Magazine and AOL Time Warner, including Health.com. More...

A collection of original features and reports for The New York Times, Health, Newsweek, People, and others. More...